A Meeting on the Action Plan for Promoting New Industrialization Held at GZU
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On March 6 in Room 311 of the Xianzheng Building on West Campus, GZU held a meeting to discuss the implementation of development plans for stimulating new industrialization growth within the province. Vice presidents Li Junqi and Yang Song attended the meeting. Other participants included key personnel from the Office of International Relations and College of Science and Technology, as well as coordinators from research departments of relevant colleges and GZU’s key research institutes. This meeting came soon after General Secretary Xi Jinping’s recent visit to Guizhou on an inspection trip and formulation of comprehensive and strategic developmental guidelines, including a general development plan for Guizhou’s Provincial Government. It was reiterated at the meeting that everyone involved should observe the principles of the “One-Two-Three-Four” plan which focuses on the key issues related to the strategic development of Guizhou province, in an effort to make industrial breakthroughs in Guizhou. To that end, it is imperative that GZU takes advantage of its scientific and technological capabilities, along with its human resources, to contribute in breaking new ground for Guizhou’s promising developmental future.


Participants of the meeting were informed about the related fundamental guidelines for boosting new development zones of high-quality industries, which was based upon a previous conference organized by the Guizhou Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government. They were also briefed about the establishment and preparation of ten industrial-oriented teams from GZU that were designed for supporting the endeavors of the province’s ten major industries.

Key research personnel from all colleges of GZU, including experts well-versed in industrial development, provided input on how to promote industrialization, which they deemed as a necessary phase of modernization. They noted that a booming industry will enable all sectors of the economy to prosper and, likewise, a robust industry will enable all individual businesses to thrive. GZU, with the support from the ministerial-provincial government, has become the only recognized university in Guizhou to have developed world-class disciplines. As a result, the university boasts a great number of the most talented and intellectual minds of the province, along with a considerable amount of advanced scientific and technological knowledge. It has an obligation to take full advantage of its disciplines, skillsets, and intellectual capacity to contribute to the exponential growth of Guizhou’s economy and social development. Additionally, they also discussed issues related to the ten industrial teams assigned to these tasks.

Yang Song stressed the following: (a) all colleges and research institutions should make concerted efforts to overcome any difficulties in a bid to contribute to Guizhou's socioeconomic development; (b) the ten industrial teams should pay heed to the guidelines learned from this meeting and form an agenda, potential project proposals, and appropriate strategies designed for various industries; (c) all relevant sectors, adhering to the goals and priorities defined by Guizhou’s overall strategic plan for socioeconomic progress, should work together in connecting this new industrialization with the province’s new urbanization, agricultural modernization and tourism industrialization; and (d) all institutions and sectors concerned, following the guidelines for the ten major industries found within the “14th Five-Year Plan” for economic and social development in Guizhou, should give priority to projects from key counties, including cities, and enterprises while making an effort to showcase any achievements at all levels.

In his speech, Li Junqi called on all related sectors to take a political stance. In order to ensure Guizhou smoothly embarks on this new mission, they should: (a) understand thoroughly and embrace fully the guidelines provided by President Xi Jinping during his recent inspection trip to Guizhou; (b) ensure all action plans to stay wholly in line with the guidelines from the 8th Plenary Session of the 12th CPC Provincial Committee as well as the province's new industrialization conference; and (c) take an active role in facilitating projects in the four major areas of new industrialization, new urbanization, agricultural modernization, and tourism industrialization within Guizhou in accordance to the principles of the “One-Two-Three-Four” plan. Keeping Guizhou’s success in mind, it is necessary to stay up to date with the current situation throughout the province. Everyone involved is expected to keep the ten industrial teams informed, so they can adequately continue to strengthen the province’s businesses and economy. Li Junqi further noted that GZU hopes to play an indispensable part in creating an interwoven support network by connecting academic disciplines with industry, technical professionals with innovational prospects, and professional knowledge with industrial services.


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