GZU Holds Award Ceremony for the First GZU National Teaching Innovation Contest for College Teachers and Launches Provincial Contest Training Program
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On March 10, 2021, GZU held an award ceremony for the winners of the First GZU National Teaching Innovation Contest for College teachers at the Center for Faculty & Teaching Development on West Campus. Concurrently, it also launched a new training program to support future preliminary participants of this contest. Luo Changjiang, deputy party secretary of GZU, and Li Junqi, Deng Chaoyong, and Zhan Dalin, vice presidents of GZU, attended the ceremony with various faculty and staff from related offices. Xiang Song, deputy director of Academic Affairs Office, hosted the ceremony.

Luo Changjiang, deputy party secretary of GZU, announces the university’s contest results.

Luo Changjiang, deputy party secretary of GZU, presents the First Prize to the universitys contest winners.

Li Junqi, vice president of GZU, offers Letter of Appointment to the Coaching Staff.

Deng Chaoyong, vice president of GZU, presents the Second Prize to the university’s contest winners.

Zhang Dalin, vice president of GZU, presents the Third Prize to the university’s contest winners.

Lin Lantao, the leader of the coaching staff, discussed how this university contest fostered an atmosphere that encouraged better learning through better teaching. The professionalism of teachers was evidently demonstrated, which gave a clearer sense of the responsibilities and mission of a teacher. Appreciation was given to the participants who were able to hold out against the pressure and achieve good results in limited time. Lin also said this contest aimed at building first-class courses based on teaching innovation. Lin hoped each participating team could keep in line with the national strategy for improving innovation in teaching. Teachers should earnestly follow these requirements, understand any of their deficiencies, and seek to learn from each other. Additionally, emphasis should be given to the integration ofideological and political education into their curriculum, in order promote a healthy morality that will create fresh and meaningful outcomes.


Li Junqi concluded the ceremony, highlighting how this university contest displayed the teachers’ years of rich teaching experience. GZU is proud of its teachers who hold their passion for education and fulfill their duties without desire for fame or fortune. He stated that this teaching innovation contest helped GZU make progress towards its goals of developing itself based on undergraduate education, smart education, and the utilization of learning communities. Li said teaching should be the priority for college teachers and requested that the Faculty Development Office and Academic Affairs Office give their full support to faculty members. This would allow them to devote themselves to their teaching practice and research, so they can become the best possible instructor and mentor for their college students. From novice teachers to veteran educators, everyone should play an active role in forging a team of professional faculty that takes its duties seriously and maintains a sense of mission, good morals, extensive knowledge, and love for students.


Text: Li Hui (Xishan Integrated Media Center) and Chen Siyu (intern reporter)

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